Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Comprehensive Guide For Dealing With Bed Bugs In Columbus Ohio

Homeowners and renters have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. Paying their bills on time, keeping their house tidy and mowing the grass are just a few. Sometimes, things can go wrong and can put even more pressure on these individuals. This is especially true, if your home ends up becoming infested with bed bugs. When this happens, you’ll need to take dire steps to retake your home and reclaim your sanity. Below, you will discover steps that need to be taken.

Confirm Their Presence

First and foremost, you should take the time to confirm the presence of these pesky bugs. This can be done in a number of different ways. For instance, you can lay a trap and capture a few bugs. This is the most definitive way to confirm an infestation. On the other hand, you might not want to take sure strenuous action. Instead, you can easily inspect your body and bed sheets. If you notice bloodstains or brown spots on your bed, you likely have a problem.

Also, give your body a good inspection. Do you have tiny welts all over your body? If you do, you’ve likely become an unfortunate victim of bed bugs and it is time to take action.

Know Your Options

Once you’ve confirmed that you’re a victim of bed bugs, you’ll need to take immediate action. Don’t worry yet, because there are several ways to proceed. If you wish to eradicate the bugs completely, you will want to find the bed bugs extermination company in Columbus Ohio. Although their services can be costly, some can eliminate the bugs with a single treatment.

On the other hand, you might want to consider tackling the problem on your own. This might be a little time consuming, but it’ll save you a little money. Professional exterminators are certainly more reliable, but this is a personal determination that must be made on your own.

Prepare Your Own

Depending on the technique that you decide to use, preparing your home might be necessary. If so, you will need to clear a pathway through the home, while also collecting linens and clothing. Remember that bed bugs can live in these items, so they must be cleaned thoroughly! A good spin in the hot dryer can solve the problem. Also make sure that you plan for the treatment. Schedule a day away for your dogs and kids so they won’t accidental get in the way.

Perform The Deed

Finally, it is time to eradicate the bed bugs. If you hired a professional exterminator, this individual will take care of the problem for you. Again, this is likely your best option and is usually fail proof. If you’ve decided to handle things on your own, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Remember to ensure that the bugs are completely gone, before you move your stuff back inside.


At the end of the day, battling with bed bugs can be very stressful, but it is not a battle than you cannot win. By using the information provided above, you will learn how to proceed and will be able to rectify the problem quicker and easier! Contact Bed Bug Exterminator Columbus today!

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Monday, November 16, 2015

How To Locate The Best Bed Bug Treatment Specialist

Have you discovered that your home is infested with bedbugs? If so, you should not fret, because there are many exterminators within your vicinity. The issue will not be locating an extermination service provider, but more about finding one that has a great reputation. While many homeowners will find this point in their life very stressful, it is important to remain calm and do a lot of research. With a clear head you will genuinely find the best bed bug treatment in Columbus, Ohio.

Getting Help Quickly

If this is your first experience with pesky bedbugs, you may be wondering which route you should take. Well, the first thing to do is educate yourself and learn everything that there is to know about the pesky bedbug. A female bedbug can procreate and hatch up to hundreds of eggs within their lifetime, which means your home will be infested, before you know it. Of course, you can devise a DIY plan to rid your home of these pesky critters, but do you have the time to spend on trying to eradicate them completely? The longer you procrastinate, the more bedbugs you will have, so get out there and find a professional bed bug exterminator in Columbus quickly.

Newspaper Ads 

Most small businesses will frequently run marketing ads in their local newspaper, so this is the first place that you should look. Sometimes they will also include a wonderful coupon, which will save you a significant amount of money. Take advantage of the coupon, because bedbug extermination fees can be quite expensive.

Family Recommendations 

While this may be your first contact with bed bugs, your family or friends may have already been forced to deal with them. Make a few phones to find out if anyone in your vicinity has any suggestions or recommendations. Having an extermination crew in your home can be stressful, since you have to worry about home damage and thefts. If you fail to do this research, you may definitely regret your exterminator choice later on down the road.

Searching the Internet 

If you have a personal computer and Internet service, you should complete a full search for a professional exterminator in your vicinity. Again, if you reside in an urban area, you will have a long list of providers to select from, which will make the selection process more difficult. Once you locate a service provider, be sure to look for customer comments or feedback. These can come in very handy, since many former and current customers are more than willing to provide positive feedback for a company that offered them great service.


Only select a professional extermination company that is certified and licensed. You will find some companies that are not licensed, which means you should avoid them altogether. If you do not find this information available to you on the Internet, newspaper, or phone book do not be afraid to pick up the phone and give each company a call. Remember stay calm throughout this process, so you can make a more informed decision.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Understanding The Bed Bug Heat Treatment Option

There are many things that can turn your home into a place of nightmares. Termites, a pesky neighbor and bed bugs all fall within this category. Unfortunately, bed bugs are often ranked near the top of the list. If you have a bed bug problem, you will know it and your sleep schedule will be altered negatively. You’ll wake up with bites all over your body and your sheets will be stained with blood. With this in mind, you should understand how to eliminate these bugs from your home. It is frequently believed that the bed bug heat treatment is the best in Columbus Ohio. Below, you will learn more about this type of bed bug treatment.

Why It Works

When you think about eliminated bugs, your mind likely imagines insecticides and sprays. Although these chemicals can be effective, they’re not nearly as effective as heat treatments. Bed bugs are unable to live in temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. When your home reaches this temperature, the bugs will be forced to flee or they’ll be killed. Therefore, heat treatments are exceptionally beneficial and likely the best option for eliminating bed bugs.

Heat Treatment Machines

When exploring the bed bug heat treatment option in Columbus Ohio, you should know that there are several possibilities. It is possible to purchase this machine and use it on your own. Although this is possible, it will be unrealistic for most homeowners, since the machine can cost almost $50,000. On the other hand, it is also possible to rent the machine. Generally, you will need to pay an hourly fee or a flat cost for rental. The machine will need a few hours to be setup and a few more for your home to reach and maintain the appropriate temperature.

Finally, you might want extreme convenience. If you do, you’ll hire a professional to take care of everything for you! The cost here will vary depending on a number of different factors, including the size of your home and your exterminator of choice.

How To Prepare

If you do opt for the best bed bug heat treatment option, you should know how to proceed. It is absolutely imperative to prepare your home. Thankfully, the process is tremendously easier than spays and other chemical treatments. You will only need to remove items from your home that could potentially be damaged by the intense heat. Unfortunately, the biggest annoyance will be the fact that you’ll need to leave your home for several hours. This is even more complicated, if you have pets and small children. Therefore, you will need to plan in advance.

Do Your Research

Before enlisting the help of an exterminator, you should take the time to do your research. Search for the company online and read their customer testimonials. Also, be sure to take the time to check the company’s BBB page. These quick steps will help to ensure that you choose the best company possible!


When it comes down to it, the heat treatment is the best for eliminating bed bugs. By using the information above, you will know how to move forward, without too many hiccups.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

What To Do Before Calling A Bed Bug Extermination Company

As a homeowner, your home can provide you with a great deal of serenity. When you get off of work and head home, you expect to be able to relax and take a load off. Unfortunately, there are some complications, which can transform your home’s serenity into a place of chaos. This is especially true, when it comes to a bug infestation. Although all types of bugs can be annoying, the annoyance of bed bugs far exceeds others. If these critters have overtaken your home, it is time to fight back, by calling a bed bug extermination company in Columbus Ohio. Below, you will learn how to prepare, before giving one of these companies a call.

Just Make Sure

Remember that bed bugs are somewhat rare and will only impact your home, if you allow them inside. Therefore, you should take the time to definitely confirm your infestation, before taking action. Capturing a few of these critters will help you confirm their presence, but there are other ways to identify bed bugs. Take the time to glance at your body. If small welts are sporadically spread throughout your body, you certainly have a problem.

Also, do not forget to inspect your bedroom carefully. Take the time to look at your bed covers and sheets. Red bloodstains and black or brown excrement marks can point to a bed bug infestation.

Finding Exterminators

Although it is possible to eliminate bed bugs on your own, this isn’t recommended. The process is simply too time consuming and often unreliable. Instead, you will want to contact a professional. Thankfully, there are many bed bug extermination professionals in Columbus Ohio. These individuals are readily available and they’ll be more than willing to handle the problem for you, at a cost. Once you’ve located a few of these companies, you will want to research them more carefully to ensure that you get the best one possible.

Do Your Research

Before allowing an exterminator to enter your home, it is absolutely essential to research their background. Give yourself at least a few hours to research. When attempting to perform your research, you should look for a number of different things. First, you should look for the company’s history. How has their reputation held up over the years? Also, it is vital to check the company’s status with the BBB. Never ever do business with a company that has tons of complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

Finally, you should make sure to seek out customer testimonials and reviews. This will prove to be exceptionally helpful. If previous customers were unsatisfied, you will want to stay away! If they were pleased with the company’s service, you should be more included to do business with them.

Place The Call

After you’ve narrowed down your options, it is time to pick up the phone and place your call. Speak to the company’s representative and request a quote. A quick conversation can help you formulate a more thorough opinion. If you feel comfortable with the exterminator and their prices, you should proceed ahead. If not, you should keep looking, until you find one that meets all of your expectations.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What To Expect When Hiring The Bed Bug Exterminator Crew

Did you wake up this morning only to discover small bedbug bites on your body? If so, you should not be alarmed, because bed bug infestations are very common in the United States. These pests love to hide inside of bed linen and mattresses, since they prefer to feed on their host during the nighttime hours. You most likely never even woke up, while they were feeding, which is also common. Below you will discover some important information about the bed bug exterminator crew in Columbus, Ohio.

Professionalism A+

While you may be expecting to be met with a disheveled extermination crew, you should not. These are professional service providers that have undergone extension training. This crew takes their job serious, so you should expect nothing but genuine honesty and professionalism. The entire crew will be dressed in pressed uniforms, just like any other public service provider and you will be totally impressed, by their mannerism.

Never be embarrassed 

You should be prepared for every aspect of the extermination process. Now this is not to say that you should expect to receive a low-quality service, just because you are in need and feeling vulnerable. Many victims of bedbug infestations will be embarrassed by their situation, but you should not be, because these pests are not discriminatory. They will pick a home, whether it is spotless clean or filthy.

Fully Insured 

Make sure that you hire an extermination company that is fully insured. You never know when one of the crew members may accidently break an expensive heirloom or home d├ęcor item in your home. While this will be a devastating disaster, if the company is insured, you will receive a full payment for your loss. Take the time to ask the company representative whether or not they are covered under a liability insurance policy.

Removing Animals 

You will have several different treatment options to select from. Of course, you will need to take your animals, children, and bank account into consideration, before you make this vital decision. Some options will require a second or maybe third treatment, which means that your bedbug infestation could potentially be a long drawn out process. The heat treatment will zap those bedbugs on the first attempt, but this type of treatment can be rather costly, but if you add up the total of the other options, you may find this one more suitable for your needs.

You may be required to take your animals to a friend’s home or daycare until the heat treatment is complete. While this may be a pain, it will be worth it in the long run, because you will not have to go to sleep worrying about those pesky bedbugs.


When the extermination crew arrives to your home, they will be professional and ready to work. In order to regain control of your home, it is vital that the bedbug treatment is capable of doing to job efficiently and thoroughly. Make sure that you choose a trustworthy bed bug exterminator Columbus Ohio to provide you with a professional service and do not accept less.

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